Most of the measures we have developed are on the Children and War Foundation measures page. This includes translations of:
The Child Post-Traumatic Cognitions Inventory (CPTCI)
The Trauma Memory Quality Questionnaire (TMQQ)

Here’s the 10-item short form of the CPTCI:
CPTCI-S (10 item)

The psychometric properties and validation of these measures was reported in these papers:

The measures of rumination and thought control strategies that we used in our Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology are:
Thought control strategies

The measure of subjective threat we used in our 2007 Journal of Abnormal Psychology paper was:
Subjective threat

The measure of parent appraisals (self, world, blame, and damage to child) used in our 2016 Journal of Pediatric Psychology paper (Hiller et al.) was:
Parent appraisals

For information on children’s responses to trauma (particularly accidental injuries), there’s two great sets of resources online.

Nancy Kassam-Adams and her colleagues at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have produced this great website:

While Justin Kenardy and his collegaues have produced this one: