Current projects

NIHR awarded me a Career Development Fellowship in 2015. This Fellowship will involve undertaking a clinical trial of a talking therapy called “cognitive therapy” for 8-17 year olds who have developed PTSD. This trial will be called DECRYPT: Delivery of Cognitive Therapy for Young People after Trauma.

Crucially, the trial has a fantastic logo:


I am also working on the following projects:

The PYCES study is looking at the treatment of PTSD in young children. This project is also funded by NIHR (CI Tim Dalgleish).

The PROTECT study is an ESRC-funded project looking at how families can better support children after trauma This is led by Sarah Halligan (CI) and Rachel Hiller.

I serve on the Trial Management Group for the SCARTA trial, led by Lali Iyadurai and Emily Holmes.

Together with Tim Dalgleish, Patrick Smith and Anna McKinnon I am trying to write up data from the ASPECTS and PROSPECTS studies.