I was lucky enough to undertake a PhD at the then Institute of Psychiatry with William Yule and Patrick Smith. This was funded by a Medical Research Council studentship.

The Psychiatry Research Trust then funded me (through a Peggy Pollak Fellowship in Developmental Psychiatry) to undertake a further prospective longitudinal study, this time looking at the course of post-traumatic stress in 2-10 year old children involved in motor vehicle collisions.

I trained as a clinical psychologist at the IoP. I was then awarded an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship – I held this at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, in Tim Dalgleish‘s group. There I led the ASPECTS study, looking at early recovery and treatment for children and adolescents exposed to trauma.  I also undertook the PROSPECTS pilot study, looking at the treatment of PTSD in youth exposed to multiple traumatic stressors. It was a great pleasure to work with Anna McKinnon, Clare Dixon and Tim on these studies. We also joined up with Thalia Eley, Kate Lester, Jennie Hudson other members of the Genes for Treatment (GxT) projects.

Since October 2014 I have been based at the University of East Anglia, where I am a Reader in Clinical Psychology. Since January 2016 I have been an NIHR Career Development Fellow. I am using this Fellowship to run the DECRYPT study.